Powder Room

Even though a powder room is one of the simplest spaces in the house, its placement near the kitchen or living room makes it one of the most frequently used. Also known as a half bath, this space contains only a toilet and sink and is often on the main floor for guests to use when visiting. Despite being fairly basic, you can easily make this small bathroom interesting by incorporating a unique bathroom vanity or sink, a variety of materials and fun decor.

Turn this often tiny space into a fun, elegant or whimsical room for guests with these design and décor ideas. Nothing makes guests feel more welcome than a stylish powder room. Here are decorating ideas, design tips, and pictures of our favorites.

Don’t let the small scale of a powder room dissuade you from being creative; give this petite space the play it deserves with its own polished look. Powder room design can be fun because it’s a small space so it doesn’t take too much money or effort to make it a beautiful room. When designing and decorating a powder room, the focus should be on the vanity, mirror, basin, faucet and walls.