Web Development

Fast, secure & interactive

SwellDesigns offers a complete web development services in all the fields ranging from private and non-profit sectors to public sector, and including business, education, and economy in Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, France and all over the world.

Web development has become more and more robust after developing into an industry. Websites are trying to promote their services and sell their brands to online customers. With the rise of simple and easy-to-use web development software, selling products and services has become more common, but very few can do it with excellence.

Our progressive set of tools and technologies that SwellDesigns has developed allow customers to build a powerful and vigorous websites. With both technical and design expertise we create properly joined-up web and internet solutions: back-end systems which are robust and reliable and front-end interfaces which are attractive, usable and properly integrated with your design and brand.



Effective planning is crucial where technical development is concerned. Late changes to technical systems can be costly. Without an inherent understanding of what can be achieved, mistakes are inevitable.

Our profound technical understanding and experience is reflected in practice as we know what can be achieved with the resources, budget and timescales available.
Our clients have complete trust that their projects meet their requirements. We are apt at presenting technical concepts in plain English.



Our long time experience in developing interactive features and web applications helps us undertake full bespoke development projects, and create unique applications from simple forms and calculators to sophisticated interactive applications.
We have also developed modular frameworks for many standard site features, such as content management systems, site-wide search, and registration and login procedures. The aforementioned can be customized in accordance to your own requirements at a fraction of the cost of building such systems from scratch.
We also adapt and enhance existing systems and implement third-party solutions where appropriate, providing full technical and design customization.
Over 1,000,000 visitors search for web development services that would improve their business. In each country the number of websites exceeds 10,000 however, ¾ of these websites do not meet the standards of professionalism. Thus, as the industry of web-development is immensely growing, professionalism becomes a basic constituent to a successful website which is in return essential to the success of any business.