Printing Services


Composition| Typesetting| Image manipulation| Graphic design| Color Separation| Plate Setting| Proofing

The impression you create in the first few moments of contact is the defining point of whether or not you will be able to initiate a conversation, make a sale, start a relationship, or even exist in the mind of your consumer. Every aspect of your corporate identity—logo, typefaces, printing quality, packaging, website design, and copy—need to work together in harmony to create a powerful and lasting impression.

SwellDesigns Pre-press department offers services that include page composition, typesetting, image manipulation, graphic design, and proofing. The output from such digital systems can go directly to digital presses, traditional off-set plate systems, or to electronic media, and allow customers to easily view proofs before printing.

Your SwellDesigns graphic design professionals can help you create and fine tune that image you need to make your printed marketing and communications successful.

Working one-on-on with one of our professionals will allow you to familiarize us with the image you have in mind. At the same time, we’ll get you acquainted with the critical stages of the printing production process and suggest suitable printing practices that will express your idea consistently throughout the materials, colors, and motifs you choose.  Together we can create flexible concept designs that can adapt to different communications mediums.

As your combined commercial printer and graphic designer, SwellDesigns ensures the end-result of the work we do truly manifests the personality and corporate identity you have in mind. Most importantly it will be one that will not become outdated with time.

Time for Redesign? Getting fresh talent makes sense. SwellDesigns Prepress department can revamp your image to help you make a fresh and compelling impression on your target audiences with a message they won’t be able to miss.



Books| Catalogs| Manuals & Directories| Applications and Filling Forms| Reporting Forms (Continuous NCR)| Magazines| Advertising & Direct Mail Pieces| Retail Inserts| Labels| Fliers| Brochures

Placing ink on paper is what we like doing best. Customers are demanding faster and shorter runs, higher quality prints, and significant returns on investment. SwellDesigns unrelenting dedication to pushing print further to perform better is part of the responsibility we hold to our clients.

Our platform of advanced printing technologies is flexible and ever changing to meet the various needs of our clientele and keep up with the changing dynamics of the industry.

We strive for super-efficiency in every aspect of our press services to offer versatile products, flexible scheduling and on-time delivery at low costs.

Quality Control
Controlling the quality of inks and materials coming into our various pressrooms allows us to control the quality of our results. Our diverse arrays of paper grades and ink assortments meet international standards for environmental and consumer safety and allow us to compete on quality at an industry level.

Furthermore, our press capabilities are fully consolidated in-house so that quality assurance is guaranteed without compromising the speed at which they are done. Any problems or mishaps that may arise during a job are isolated and taken care of on the spot to preserve quality. With our entire set of production activities under a single roof, your print job is carried out with superior efficiency, reduced costs and faster runs.

A Modern Assortment of Presses
The continual investment in our presses is part of our initiative to strive for super-efficiency.

Our unrelenting dedication to updating our platform of presses and providing the latest technologies in commercial printing allows us to maintain our integrity and SwellDesigns the responsibility of delivering high quality prints to its clients.

Digital Printing

Outdoor Signage| Posters and Banners| Branding| Direct to Material (UV flatbed)| Displays| Roll-up Banners & Stands

Print technology is evolving rapidly. With the introduction of digital plate-making, the entire printing process can now be handled most effectively using digital technology.

Our digital printing capabilities come with many advantages for our clients, in terms of time and efficiency, and in increasing the choice of color, surface, and effect.  Digital printers can mix the basic colors to offer a huge range of color choices.

Digital print quality often far exceeds the quality of traditional printing methods in detail, color matching and range, and in durability of the colors when exposed to light.

Because digital printing uses electronic patterns instead of physical templates, designs can be changed instantly without cost. This enables cost-effective short print runs.

Generally digital printing is more economical, involving less waste of the materials and the print used. It is also a faster process, meaning  shorter print runs on client jobs.


Post-Press| Lamination| Embossing| Spot-Varnish| UV Varnish| Hot-Stamping| Die Cutting| Folding| Cutting| Binding

After the brainstorm, design, and press phases, you’ll want to get the most out of your product by adding some final touches. Finishing is just as important as content, if not more important. To carefully complete that high impact look you want as your image SwellDesigns offers an array of post press services.

Flexo Printing


SwellDesigns invested in a brand new Gallus EM 280 along with the brand new KODAK FLECEL NX system, which is the first to be installed in the Middle East.
Beyond this point, going further, we needed a system to quality control and ensure that all delivered goods are quality consistent and approved to be used. Since every label is being viewed in with a different user and it is the market driver and thus our product will have a big influence on the success of our customer’s brand, and this is a big responsibility. Based on this, we have invested in the PRATI inspector fully equipped with camera verification. This as well is  a system not used by any of the printing suppliers before.