Composition| Typesetting| Image manipulation| Graphic design| Color Separation| Plate Setting| Proofing

The impression you create in the first few moments of contact is the defining point of whether or not you will be able to initiate a conversation, make a sale, start a relationship, or even exist in the mind of your consumer. Every aspect of your corporate identity—logo, typefaces, printing quality, packaging, website design, and copy—need to work together in harmony to create a powerful and lasting impression.

SwellDesigns Pre-press department offers services that include page composition, typesetting, image manipulation, graphic design, and proofing. The output from such digital systems can go directly to digital presses, traditional off-set plate systems, or to electronic media, and allow customers to easily view proofs before printing.

Your SwellDesigns graphic design professionals can help you create and fine tune that image you need to make your printed marketing and communications successful.

Working one-on-on with one of our professionals will allow you to familiarize us with the image you have in mind. At the same time, we’ll get you acquainted with the critical stages of the printing production process and suggest suitable printing practices that will express your idea consistently throughout the materials, colors, and motifs you choose.  Together we can create flexible concept designs that can adapt to different communications mediums.

As your combined commercial printer and graphic designer, SwellDesigns ensures the end-result of the work we do truly manifests the personality and corporate identity you have in mind. Most importantly it will be one that will not become outdated with time.

Time for Redesign? Getting fresh talent makes sense. SwellDesigns Prepress department can revamp your image to help you make a fresh and compelling impression on your target audiences with a message they won’t be able to miss.